name: liah ^^
age: 17
mood: happy :)
note: background by me! and gamzee belongs to andrew hussie of course! :D (i'm not out to get you..i just like gamzee lol)
- art :)
- j-pop <3 ...or any type of music really
- games (rpgs :P )
- photoshop ftw >:]
- chocolate!
- asian food >.<
- anime/ manga: naruto, bleach, d. gray-man, fairy tale, kuroshitsuji..etc..
- homestuck, homestuck and more homestuck
- procrastinating on the computer :3
- drawing/ sketching
- reading/ writing
believes in:
- MiRaClEs :o)
- anything to do with applied math =.=''
- mean people Dx


Adobo Onigiri and Menchikatsu Bento

• Adobo Onigiri.I have to admit, the idea isn’t mine originally. A few months ago, Ministop, a chain of convenience stores, came up with Samurice, onigiri mixed with various meat goodies. They had variants like sisig, meatloaf, barbecue, and of course, adobo. Now, despite the non-descript mushy rice they used, I liked their Adobo Samurice because it hit the spot whenever I had a craving for onigiri. Still, I was probably the only person who used to buy it, so it was pulled out of their shelves eventually.

Would I let that stop me? Of course not! Instead, I decided to make a meatier, more flavorful version with koshihikari rice even. I asked my mom to make her next batch of adobo extra big so I had lots of leftovers to experiment with. Instead of making just one or two onigiri, however, I decided to make many and just freeze them. Good idea, no?

Japanese food with a Filipino twist.


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